Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Shrewsbury is a medieval town, situated on the River Severn, with an abundance of charming, if somewhat "tipsy", 15th century buildings.

It is well known for its extensive parkland, spectacular gardens, and annual Flower Show.

St. Mary's Church dates back to the early 1100's and the Abbey prior to that. 

There is a castle, that was part of Edward II’s “Iron Ring" of castles built to control and intimidate the Welsh.  Shrewsbury also played a role in the civil war, being staunch supporters of the King. In fact, the local museum houses part of the cloak, purportedly worn by Charles I just prior to his beheading!

Charles Darwin hales from Shrewsbury and attended school here, and The Beatles played at the Music Hall in Shrewsbury in 1962...when they were just one of the local bands!

All and all a lovely place to visit.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Photos: July 27: Shrewsbury

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