Cordoba, like Seville was founded by the Romans, but fell to the Muslim invaders in the 700's. It was captured by Ferdinand III in 1236 and became a Catholic city. The Mosque -Cathedral dates from 784,but was expanded a number of times, eventually to a capacity of 10,000. In 1236 it became a Catholic Church, but to this day resembles a Mosque into which a Catholic Church has been dropped ! There are over 850 of the Mudejar arches !

Cordoba also boasts a 1st century Roman bridge, which leads to what is mostly a 14th century tower. The Alcazar. ..palace/fortress dates from 1328, was the primary residence of Ferdinand and Isabella, and was used as one of the first tribunals of the Spanish Inquisition. Only two of the original four towers remain, but they are surrounded by the fabulous Mudejar inspired gardens. Cordoba has an impressive Art Gallery, many lovely cafes, and spectacular weather ! I had a wonderful week here !